Why Choose us?

Our products Others L**O
Scale One-to-one, perfect replication with absolutely No difference Slight differences
Materials High quality, No color difference, No burrs, and the difference between bricks is only the absence of the L**0 logo Color difference, large tolerances, and some missing pieces bricks with L**0 logo
Building Experience It can achieve a building experience that is 95% similar to L**o, with extremely high cost-effectiveness. It is suitable for beginners and players at all levels who want to enjoy the building experience and modify the sets. Inconsistent tightness, some assemblies require glue, and it may be painful on the hands
Price $ $ $$$$
Packaging Package according to instruction steps Poor packaging, time-consuming to find parts Package according to instruction steps
Booklet Exquisitely printed paper instruction manual Printed or PDF with mistakes Exquisite printed paper instruction manual
Shipping Free Shipping Additional shipping cost Additional shipping cost
Customer Service US customer service with English communication. 24hrs Carefree after-sales service got your back. Slowly respond due to time zone differences. Language barriers when communicating with customer service Customer service via email