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MOC bricks set for 42056 Porsche 911 GT3 RS

MOC bricks set for 42056 Porsche 911 GT3 RS

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Dear bricks enthusiast:

We would like to make you aware that this is a MOC 3rd party bricks set to build what is shown in the product link, rather than the original 42056 set.

This MOC set is constructed from high-quality materials and 1-to-1 designed to withstand the test of time! The durable construction of it ensures that it will enjoyed by builders and collectors for years to come!

Whether you're an experienced brick builder or a newcomer to the world of building blocks, the MOC set is the perfect choice for anyone looking for a fun, challenging, and rewarding building experience. 

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One-to-one, perfect replication with absolutely No difference

Slight differences


High quality, No color difference, No burrs, and the difference between bricks is only the absence of the L**0 logo

Color difference, large tolerances, and some missing pieces

bricks with L**0 logo

Building Experience

It can achieve a building experience that is 95% similar to L**o, with extremely high cost-effectiveness. It is suitable for beginners and players at all levels who want to enjoy the building experience and modify the sets.

Inconsistent tightness, some assemblies require glue, and it may be painful on the hands






Package according to instruction steps

Poor packaging, time-consuming to find parts

Package according to instruction steps


Exquisitely printed paper instruction manual

Printed or PDF with mistakes

Exquisite printed paper instruction manual


Free Shipping

Additional shipping cost

Additional shipping cost

Customer Service

US customer service with English communication. 24hrs Carefree after-sales service got your back.

Slowly respond due to time zone differences. Language barriers when communicating with customer service

Customer service via email



High-quality ABS materials; All building blocks have a smooth surface without rough edges; Material guarantees feel comfortable and can be easily connected; Durable for repeatable assembly.




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